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Hello and welcome to Electric Off-Roaders!

Our goal is to create a mass migration in the off-road world toward electrification by way of catalyzing interest in electric off-roaders. We want to be your one-stop shop for the all of the electric off-roading news, reviews, research, and camaraderie you didn't know you needed.

We aim to funnel all the latest headlines from around the industry directly to our home page. The off-roading market as a whole is exploding. Now more than ever, people around the globe are eager to get out into the great outdoors and explore the lumpy wild side of mother earth on mechanical steeds. Perhaps the more intriguing bit is that the off-road industry is ripe for disruption - by way of electrification. If your looking to get some serious work done on a farm or trail, your electric options at the moment are unfortunately severely limited. You have a small handful of big-name players who have dipped there toes in the game, but only with minimal commitment and last century’s technology. We’ll get into the nitties and gritties of all that later, but understand that the electric utility vehicle (EUV) market is set to expand at a rapid pace over the coming decade. It’s here at Electric Off-Roaders that you, dear readers, will be able to follow all the latest developments to come.

While the utilitarian corner of the electric off-road universe is still very much in its infancy, other areas are already shining brightly and bustling with the fury of a newly born galaxy. In particular, electric mountain bikes, electric dirt bikes, electric dual sport motorcycles, and all the grey areas in between have taken off and in a big way. If two wheels are simply one too many for you, then guess what... there are a plethora of highly capable options that manage rough terrain with nary but a single wheel. The point is that you have options, and those options are growing by the day.

We will thoroughly review, test, and compare the full gamut of off-road EV offerings. Whether it has one wheel, two wheels, three, or four - the only necessary qualifiers are these: 1) the vehicle can maintain its momentum off the pavement, and 2) it can do so under electric power only. Hence, our product reviews could consist of anything from the lowly but wonderful (one-der-ful?) one-wheel all the way up to the unholy and upcoming GMC Hummer EV. You know what? We’re even going to take a good, hard, and sometimes perverse look at electric garden tractors and lawn mowers too.

If you’re getting all tingly, it’s okay. Don’t be alarmed. It’s a normal reaction to total awesomeness. But it gets better. We don’t just want to watch the fun. We want to be a part of it. We want to bring together the best thinkers of our generation with a shared passion for off-road electric propulsion. We want to create a hive mind. The welcome mat is out. The door is open. Bring in the experts. Let’s teach each other how to advance the segment. Let’s conduct our own trials and make our own errors. Let’s get a little crazy. Summon your inner Dr. Frankenstein and create your own monster. Our only request is that you take us along for the ride with you. Join the forums. Brainstorm out in the open and show off your Franken-builds! It could be an electric conversion, a ground-up build, or maybe something absolutely ridiculous that should never have been willed into existence.

While the science behind it remains complex perhaps in more nuanced ways than internal combustion, we believe the simplicity of the electric drivetrain for the end-user will inspire (and really already has inspired) a new generation of grease monkeys - only with less oil and less noise. And probably less grease. But hopefully more monkeys - real monkeys. Like the kind that make those really high-pitch, blood-curdling screams while hurling piping hot feces at the object of their ire. I’ve always found those to be such endearing creatures. And I’m not promoting wildlife trade or captivity by any means, but if you already have a monkey for some reason, please share it with us here at Electric Off-Roaders. Anyhow, the point is that the flexibility afforded by small electric motors - and to some degree the batteries that feed them - allows for nearly limitless applications and possibilities that have not yet been imagined. We want to bear witness to your genius, to your ingenuity. We want to foster your imagination. Let’s open source a project together while we’re at it, and use our collective creativity to have some fun.

Speaking of fun, that’s what this is all about. We don’t care what your motives are for going electric. The benefits speak for themselves. If you’re trying to save the planet, great. We’re proud of you. If you’re trying to sneak up on a vicious herd of blood-thirsty Himalayan meerkats because you need a new winter coat, then by all means, sir or madam, proceed. But know ye this: there shall be no snootiness here. It won’t be tolerated - or at the very least it shall be sincerely and vigorously frowned upon. In this little bubble here, we are all friends.

If all of this sounds like a good time to you, then tell your like-minded friends to pay this place a visit and then educate your other friends on what they’re missing. We’ll be launching all kinds of new content across multiple platforms over the coming weeks, months, and years. Be sure to check in often, and please participate. Let’s start a discussion and make some waves. Again, welcome. Let the journey begin!

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